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Graduates/Success Stories

Nayna Bawa | Sharon Ford | Richard Ramdeen | Lauren Dipierro

Nayna Bawa:

Does it matter what realty school you go to? Yes, it does. I can tell you that from personal experience. I enrolled in the Central Jersey Realty School. The instructor, Richard Tonge, is extremely knowledgeable, personable and a great educator. The entire course is presented through a powerpoint presentation with an emphasis on items that are most likely to appear on the state exam. All of the course material was reviewed, sample practice exams were distributed, and problems were thoroughly discussed. Thanks to Central Jersey Realty I was over-prepared for the state exam. Needless to say, I passed. Thanks Central Jersey Realty!


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Sharon Ford:

With 14 years as a mortgage professional I thought I knew everything about real estate.    My world was transformed on January 10, 2011, when I attended my first day at Central Jersey School of Real Estate.   I gave my undivided attention to this school for 14 days, and was rewarded with a comfortable learning atmosphere, and structured lessons which included a text book and a slide presentation that highlighted the main items from each chapter. 

We spent afternoons reading chapters and completing practice questions.  Each morning we reviewed our answers to those questions, and then viewed a slide presentation for the new chapters.  We then prepared for a test, which the whole class passed in order for us to schedule the State exam.   I commend the owner of the school for selecting a teacher who brought his real estate background to the classroom while using his vast teaching experience to deliver a superior learning environment for the novice as well as a professional in the field, such as myself. 

I passed the test the first time I took it, and I am certain it was because of the school I attended and all that it offered me as I prepared for the exam.


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Richard Ramdeen:

I attended the central New Jersey, real estate school of 2011. I went in, not knowing what to expect. Without the instructor, Richard, I would have been lost. Richard is the very experienced real estate instructor and his credentials speak for himself. Every time I felt lost, or confused, Richard would always take the time out to help me understand the material. Now that I have passed the NJ real estate test, I am starting a new career and have Richard to thank. I recommend the central jersey school of Real Estate to anyone who is interested in furthering their education.

From Richard Ramdeen

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Lauren Dipierro:

I attended the Central Jersey School of Real Estate in January, taking the two week course. I went into the course knowing nothing about Real Estate. I was very nervous because other students in the class had a background about Real Estate. I was given a text book and assigned chapters to read. The book was helpful, but the instructor turned the information into a reality. He presented the class with a PowerPoint displaying the information that we previously read about. He reinforced the material and had many examples, so everyone was able to understand the information being presented. The instructor was very patient and is full of knowledge! As the course came to an end, we prepared for the test and everyone passed! Then it was time for the state exam. The instructor handed out review packets and questions for everyone to study and prepare. Now, I am a New Jersey Real Estate Agent and have the instructor to thank for his professionalism and experience.

Lauren Dipierro